The posts of Additional Director General of Police and Inspector General of Police have been created to take care of the welfare activities meant for the Men and Officers in the Police Department and also to redress their grievances.

Grievance Redressal

The Hon'ble CM has directed all Unit Officers to conduct the grievance day for the Police personnel on the following specified dates earmarked for them.

All the SsP of districts should attend the AR parade and hold orderly rooms to listen to and to redress the grievances of the police personnel Every Friday
All the SsP of districts should hold Grievance Day for Local Police personnel attached to the various units in the districts Every Tuesday
Range DIsG should hold Grievance Days at Range Headquarters Once in a Month
ADGsP/ Zonal IGsP/ IGsP of Special Units should hold Grievance Day Once in two Month

DGP will conduct the Grievance Day once in three months in State Headquarters.


Bio- Data of retired Police Personnel

To provide an opportunity for re-employment for retired Police personnel and Ministerial Staff, the details of Retired Police personnel who want employment with private agencies are made available on this website. The details have been arranged as per their preference for place of working.


Supply of Essential Commodities to the Police Personnel at Subsidised Rates :

In G.O.Ms.No.1162, Home (Pol.12) Department, dated 11.09.2008 Government have issued orders for the implementation of the New Food Subsidy Scheme for the supply of some essential commodities to Police Personnel from the rank of Police Constables to Inspectors through the Public Distribution System at 50% rate with effect from 01.10.2008. As on to-day, 58,947 Khaki Cards had been issued to the Police personnel for the supply of Essential commodities. A sum of Rs.10 Crores has been earmarked towards the subsidy during the year 2009-2010.


Tamil Nadu Police Benevolent Fund

This scheme was introduced in the year 1957 with the objective of providing monetary and other relief to the Non-gazetted Staff and their Family Members. This fund is being generated by way of collecting subscriptions from the Police Personnel as well as from the Ministerial Staff of the Police Department and also by way of donations from the Officers of the Police Department.

(a) The family relief provided from the Fund is as follows:-
Rs.15000/- : In case of death of the subscriber
Rs.5000/- : In case of death of family members of the subscriber

(b)Scholarships are provided to the children of the Employees of Police Department who pursue higher studies in the Colleges and Polytechnics (i.e.) from Rs.3,500/- to Rs.10,000/-

(c)A special medical relief scheme of providing financial assitance to the subscribers of TNPBF up to 4 Lakhs as a one time measure for his entire servise period and maximum amount of 1 Crore per year has been allotted from TNPBF towards the treatment of life threatening diseases.

(d)Medical relief of Rs.5,000 has been granted to subscribers and family members for three times only during the entire service.



New Health Insurance Scheme

1) In G.O. No.174, Finance (salaries) Department, dated 28.04.2008 Government has issued orders for the implementation of the New Health Insurance Scheme with effect from 11.06.2008. Government of Tamil Nadu has engaged Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. to implement this scheme.

Highlights of the scheme :
Enhanced coverage upto Rs 2 lakhs for every 4 years period as compared to Rs.one lakh for the entire service period
No need to make payment to the hospital.
Expanded coverage for more diseases
More number of new hospitals included.
Treatment in approved hospitals outside state also made eligible for coverage.

Under this scheme, so far 69,575/- Identity Cards have been received from the Star Health Insurance Scheme and issued to the police personnel.

2) Government Servants and their Family Members are eligible to avail the concession of Rs.2 lakhs for every 4 years for their Medical Treatment subject to certain restrictions laid down in the Government Orders referred to above.


Ex-Gratia Payment

The Police Personnel today face various challenges and threats while discharging their duties, particularly while handling crowds in Law and Order situation. They are exposed to serious injuries also. Therefore, Government have sanctioned ex-gratia payment for the heroic deeds of the Police Personnel to compensate for their sufferings/loss. The following amount is sanctioned as ex-gratia irrespective of the rank held by them and the unit in which they are serving as per G.O.Ms.No.284, Home (Pol.9) Department, dated 6.04.2009:

Rs.5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs only)
Totally Disabled
Rs.2,00,000 (Rupees Two Lakhs only)
Single amputee and one eye blind, loss of toes, fingers precluding employment
Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh only)
Burns Gun shot wounds multiple compound fracture
Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only)
Simple injuries for all ranks
Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only)

In case of death in harness, the legal heirs of the deceased are paid along with the pay last drawn by the deceased Police Personnel as family pension till the date of superannuation of the deceased.


Prize Scheme

In G.O.(D)No.837,Home (Pol. IX) Department Dated 18.07.2008, Government had issued orders with regard to the increase of Prizes under the Prize Scheme (in) from 3 to 10 both in 10th and 12th Standard in each District and Commissionerate and also the Prize Scheme is extended to the children of Ministerial and Auxiliary Staff.  The Prize amount is also increased from Rs.6000/- to Rs.6500/-, Rs.4000/- to Rs.4500/- and Rs.2000/- to Rs.2500/- for 10th standard and Rs.7000/- to Rs.7500/-, Rs.5000/- to Rs.5500/- and Rs.3000/- to Rs.3500/- for 12th standard respectively.  Similarly, the other seven prizes have been increased (i.e.) 4th to 10th ranked students of 10th and 12th standard from Rs.1500/- to Rs.2000/- and Rs.2000/- to Rs.2500/- respectively. Every year nearly 750 childrens of Police personal/Ministarical staffs are benifited under the scheeme.


Tamil Nadu Police Centenary Scholarship

This Fund was introduced in the year 1959. The main objective of this scheme is to motivate the deserving children of the non-gazetted Police Personnel to pursue higher education through this scholarship. The Annual donations and Lumpsum contributions constitute this Fund. A sum of Rs.2,87,87,500/- was sanctioned during the year 2009-2010.


Tamil Nadu Government Special Scholarship Fund

In order to encourage and facilitate the bright and promising young children of the Employee of the Police Department, Government in their order Ms.(D) No.837, Home (Pol. IX) Department, Dated 18.07.2008 has introduced the Tamil Nadu Government Special Scholarship to pursue their higher education and in which the first 100 wards who had secured highest marks in +2 standard will be paid Rs.20,000 or the amount paid to the institutions whichever is less for 4 years or till the course is completed. A sum of Rs.29,87,197/- (Rupees Seventeen Lakhs Seventy Seven Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Only) was sanctioned during the year 2010-2011


Appointments on Compassionate Grounds

Appointments on compassionate grounds are given to the legal heirs of the Government servants who die while in service. The appointments on Compassionate grounds are given only for the posts of sweepers, OAs, Data Entry Operators,/JAs and Gr.II PCs.

Three separate waiting lists for appointment on compassionate grounds to the posts of Junior Assistant/Typist including Data Entry Operator, Office Assistant and Sweeper are being maintained. These waiting lists are not permanent ones. The seniority of the candidates in the waiting lists may change whenever new candidates are included in the waiting lists on the basis of their date of preferring the first application within three years from the date of death of the Government servant concerned (prior to 04.10.2006) / on the basis of the date of death of the Government servant concerned, provided the application is preferred within three years from the date of death of Government servant concerned (with effect from 04.10.2006).

Waiting list for Compassionate ground Appointment as on 15.03.2022

1. JA-Typist combined waiting list
2. Typist Waiting List
3. Office Assistant Waiting List

Compassionate Ground Appointments

Steps have been taken to consider the 805 persons in the waiting list for appointment as Data Entry Operators who are waiting for an appointment for more than eight years. Government orders were received in G.O. Ms. No. 989, Home (Pol. XV) Department, dated 21.10.2002. Out of 805 candidates 671 candidates have successfully completed the 3 months training from 14.02.2005 to 13.05.2005 & posted to all Cities & Districts in Police Stations on a consolidated pay of Rs.2500/-P.M.


Tamilnadu Police Welfare Co-Operative Societies

Several Magalir Sangams and Co-operative Industrial societies are functioning under the control of the Commandants. They mostly undertake the work of stitching the police uniforms and earn profits. Films are shown to the police personnel and their family members every week at the Battalion headquarters.


Police Hospitals

There are 12 Police Hospitals at present in various places i.e Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Salem, St.Thomas Mount, Vellore, Cuddalore, Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, TSP II Bn. Avadi and TSP IX Bn. Manimuthar.

It has been decided by the Govt. to upgrade the Police Hospital at Chennai as 100 bedded hospital with some specialties. It has also been decided to upgrade the Police Hospital at Madurai City with some specialties.


Recreational Facilities

Films are shown to the Police personnel and their family members every week at the Battalion Head Quarters. Apart from this, dailies, weeklies and other periodicals are supplied to the personnel at the reading rooms. In all Battalions, Police stores are available and they cater to the needs of the Police personnel.